Should Christians vote?

Perhaps many Christians are asking the question, “Should I vote”, or “Who do I vote for”?

Some might find scripture that they think will justify their not voting. Others will find scripture that demands us to vote.

Our country is a republic, our government is supposed to be by the people and for the people. Our government was set up for us to elect men and women to represent us as laws are made and enacted. If the only people voting were non-Christians, then we would see laws and decisions enacted from a non-christian point of view. I would hate to see that wouldn’t you? Even an atheist enjoys the Christian influence we have in our laws. Likewise if we as Christians were to vote men or women into office that had no “Christian views” even though they might claim to be born again Christians, they might make decisions contrary to Christian views. Yet, again a non-christian that believes in moral views might govern closer to our beliefs than a person that claims to be a born-again Christian.

So the question, who should I vote for?

The man sitting today in the Oval office says he is a Christian. Yet, to me his actions and his views are not Biblically based. By his own words he supports the homosexual lifestyle, he supports same sex marriage, he supports abortion and I could probably go on and on about his unchristian views and actions. ( Matt. 7:21 ) Now I know someone could quote Eph. 2:8 - 9 and say grace not works determines if one is a Christian and I agree. I also believe in Eph. 2:10 . A long time ago someone said Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. That way of life has to influence every area of a persons life, to me that is what Jesus was saying when He told Nicodemus “you must be born again” ( Luke 6:43-45 )

His opponent Mitt Rommey is a Mormon, Mormonism is not just another denomination of Christianity. The Mormon view of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is different from the normally accepted Bible teaching. I have been told that Mormons see Jesus as a created being, I see Jesus as God. They see themselves as able to become a god, I see myself as being adopted into the royal family of God and becoming a joint heir with Jesus. Even with different basic beliefs Mitt Rommey says he is against same sex marriage, he says he is against the homosexual lifestyle, and he says he is against abortion.

So if I am to vote for someone that will represent my views and my convictions, I need to know how I think those candidates will vote and govern. I have seen how President Obama rules and governs for these past 3 years and I can imagine what he will do in the next 4 years. He says he is a Christian but shows more friendship and fellowship to Muslims than Christians. He is more concerned with not insulting Muslims and their beliefs than honoring the religion he claims to be part of. God will judge him and his actions. I won’t. ( Matt. 7:23 ). As I study the Old Testament, I see where often times the nation, even individuals of Israel suffered because of wrong actions of the country’s leaders. Can our country, even we, go unpunished when our government permits and shares in the murder of more of its citizens than Hitler and Stalin combined did? I am talking about the millions of government permitted and sanctioned murders of babies that were still in their mothers womb. Or when Obama and his administration tramples under foot God’s ordained marriage that He created for man and woman, or Obama’s flagrant support of open homosexual behavior.

Yes, the economy is important, but God is my provider ( Matt. 6:33 ). This country was founded on Christian principles and I see Obama taking away Christian principles not upholding them. I do not know if Mitt Rommey will undo the damage that Obama has done to our country’s Christian heritage, but my prayer is that he will not do more damage, as I am sure Obama would.

Now I do pray for President Obama as we all should, I pray for his safety, his wisdom on governing this great country, and hoping that God will stir his heart to follow God’s direction and precepts. I also pray that God will have mercy on America and raise up godly men and women who will bring this country back to where it was and even greater. I pray that God will be permitted back into the schools and public places. I pray that children will be able to bow their heads in the school lunch rooms and thank God for their food. I pray that teachers can display a Bible on their desk and pray with a troubled child. I pray that our children can be proud to be Americans, to learn about God and truth. I pray that our preachers will always have the freedom to preach and teach the Bible without government interference. I pray that if we are asked in public what we believe the Bible says about sin like homosexually and same sex marriage we can boldly speak for God and truth, quoting God’s word without the fear of arrest on a hate crime charge as I have heard is already happening in some countries like Canada.

If you have read this far I need to tell you something.

I do not hate homosexuals, I’m against the sin. I view the sin of homosexually the same as I view the sin of adultery. ( 1 Cor. 6:9-10 ) I want you to know these sins can not only be forgiven but can be cleansed. ( 1 John 1:9)

There is deliverance.

Romans 3:23 There has only been one sinless person to walk on this earth. Jesus Christ

Romans 6:23 Sin’s penalty is death, my sin and your sin can only be paid for by death…… Jesus Christ died for us and now He offers us a free gift…unearned and free by faith Eph. 2:8-9

Acts 16:30-31 Salvation on our part is free and simple, Jesus Christ did it all.

John 3:16-17 This belief has to be more that an intellectual agreement. My sweet wife sometimes testifies that until she was born again, she believed in Jesus in her head, but when she believed in her heart she was born again. It would be sad to miss heaven by only 18 inches away… from head to heart.